2018 Upgrade Update – Day 4

Please continue to report issues to the helpdesk that are other than the ones noted below: 866.725.4357.

Open Issues and Action Needed

Secure Chat: Lost access while in use.
Action Needed: Please continue to log out and log back in until further notice. We have provided a tip sheet for training purposes, please check your email or employee app.

Documents Table: Will not default document type and appears blank.
Action Needed: Please continue to use the search function and add the needed document types for patient encounters. Sherlock is open and in progress with Cadence.

Required Documentation Rules: Travel and Exposure screening (new document element) requires staff to document all patients, including those patients who were documented pre-upgrade. Questionnaire is now three questions, and “unable to assess” no longer satisfies the rule for response.
Action Needed: Please continue to print the AVS for discharge until further notice.

Tech Worklist: Patient highlighted does not always correspond with the patient information displayed.
Action Needed: Unclick the patient and the information should update correctly. A permanent fix currently being tested. If you experience issues, however, please log out and log back in.

Diagnosis Search: End-users cannot currently search for diagnoses by their codes but can search but the name of the diagnosis (for example, they cannot search by Z79.01, but can search by long-term use of anticoagulants).
Action Needed: While the team will be performing system maintenance to resolve, if you experience issues, please log out and log back in.

Resolved Issues
Reporting Workbench was running slow. Issue has been resolved.