Brenna Bowman, MS, RD/LD Clinical Dietician, BSA Health Systems

Brenna used Epic during her dietician internship. Here is her Epic story:

I found Epic very easy to work with and the training was straightforward, not super-extensive. I learned as I went and you do learn it really quickly.

I really like the level of communication that Epic allows. It’s just better patient care, that’s all there is to it. When I would sign into Epic to find out what’s going on with a patient that day, I could see the last note from a nurse who left twenty minutes prior. It’s just a quick blurb that tells me what’s been administered or some other type of briefing so I’m not walking into a room blindly. I can review what’s been done up to that point to figure out what to do next. We’re treating the patient for what’s really going on and not having to play catch-up.

My Favorite Feature
One of my favorite features is the sticky notes that I can leave physicians on the case. You’re not having to track them down if they’re working nights and not answering the phone. The sticky notes, and Epic in general, just allow a greater line of communication among everyone. Everybody’s on the same page, you know what they’re thinking, what they found. It’s all right there. The communication and cohesiveness of everybody’s role is definitely there with Epic.

Participate and Trust in the Process
This is going to be a big change but we have this great team of PROs and SMEs. There will be challenges obviously but the end result is better. Better patient care, better communication, everything is going to smoother, I just know it.

Epic is the gold standard. BSA has their stuff together, and we’re going to love it—it’s a great decision.