Building Epic Excitement at Seton

Epic goes live at Seton Medical Center Harker Heights on July 12, 2019. Employee Kimberly Abdur-Raheem shared her excitement about Epic from previous experience with the platform: "Given my previous experiences with Epic as a nurse, I love that Epic is user friendly. It offers so many ways to get the job done. Its workflows grant all departments, including the Emergency Room and Operating Room, access to patient information. This ultimately provides continuity of patient care throughout the patient's hospital stay.
Bedside report and SBAR Handoff can be completed with structure. Utilizing the Epic software and its features also helps staff reinforce patient safety. This is evident through barcode scanning of medications, specimen collection, and even blood administration. There are also built-in features that provide staff with Best Practice Advisories (BPA's), which are notifications in accordance with evidence-based practice, to ensure that we are providing our patients with the absolute best care possible. Overall, Epic is a great tool that contributes to the exchange of health information to improve the quality of patient care.”