Epic 2018 Upgrade: Day 1

Over the weekend, we made the upgrade transition to Epic 2018. Throughout this week, we will provide updates on issues and resolutions related to the upgrade. We will continue to work together to resolve any issues and ensure have a successful transition to Epic 2018.

Open Issues and Action Needed
Travel Exposure Documentation: Users must answer all three questions.
Action Needed: Please see the attached tip sheet in the interim.

Single Sign On (SSO): Some users have reported difficulty with SSO.
Action Needed: Please contact the helpdesk with a description of the issue and the workstation ID.

Resolved Issues
Prescription Printing: Please print normally and notify the helpdesk if you are still
having issues.
Credit Card Machines: Machines have been rebooted and are now working normally.
Secure Chat: Notifications should be popping up as expected.

Please continue to report issues to the helpdesk that are other than the ones noted above: 866.725.4357.