Epic 2018 Upgrade: Day 2

Please continue to report issues to the helpdesk that are other than the ones noted below: 866.725.4357.

Open Issues and Action Needed
Secure Chat: Lost access.
Action Needed: Log out and log back in.

Documents Table: Will not default document type and appears blank.
Action Needed: Search for and add the needed document types for patient encounters. Sherlock is open and in progress with Cadence.

Required Documentation Rules: Travel and Exposure screening (new document element) requires staff to document all patients, including those document pre-upgrade. Questionnaire is now three questions, and “unable to assess” no longer satisfies the rule for response.
Action Needed: Print the AVS for discharge until further notice.

Tech Worklist: Patient highlighted does not always correspond with the patient information displayed.
Action Needed: Unclick the patient and the information should update correctly. A permanent fix currently being tested.

Resolved Issues
ROI and MRO: File permissions issue resolved, all applications have access.