Epic Cast of Stars

ESC - Executive Steering Committee

Role: Meets monthly to provide direction and final “sign off” on decisions pertaining to the Epic project.

  • David Vandewater
  • Al Aboud
  • Angela Treasure
  • Brian Walton
  • Catina Gordon
  • Clint Adams
  • Colleen Smorra
  • Dan Ordyna
  • David Wright
  • Dell Oliver
  • Eric Gulley
  • Emily Holliman
  • FJ Campbell
  • Greg Plank
  • Heath Evans
  • Jason Pritchard
  • Jeanne Reeves
  • Jim Mayercik
  • John Abreu
  • John Fromhold
  • Julie Harrigan
  • Kevin Sinclair
  • Larry Schunder
  • Laurie Bigham
  • Lisa Alexander
  • Lonnie Garrison
  • Matt Maxfield
  • Paul Kappelman
  • Richard Haun
  • Rick Keller
  • Robert Darr
  • Ron Patrick
  • Ronald Riner
  • Samuel Moore
  • Sean Van Kerkhove
  • Susan Giordano
  • Tim O'Brien
  • Tyra Palmer
  • Zach Dietze
  • Greg Plank
  • Stephanie Hogberg
  • Bill Spock
  • David Marks
  • John Taylor
  • Max Siu
  • Amer Malik
  • George Fayer
  • Jackie Hyland
  • Mark Gregson
  • Scott Campbell
  • Steve Anderson
  • Valerie Allusson
  • Taylor Krueger
  • Mark Spafford
  • Judy Paull
  • Lee Robinson
  • Jamie Hilliard
  • Justin Marshall
  • Lisa Thomas


PAC – Physician Advisory Council

Role: The PAC provides final direction on clinical standardization.

  • FJ Campbell
  • Ron Riner
  • Vesta Sandoval
  • Guy Sneed
  • Mike Lamanteer
  • Brad Hoyt
  • Julie Harrigan


Ardent Service Line Committees

Role: Service lines will be charged with creating standardization across the company.

  • Tentatively one committee per major specialty will be established
  • Division CMOs will appoint committee members


CAC – Clinical Advisory Council

Role: The CAC provides direction on clinical standardization.

  • Laurie Bigham
  • Joanne Sedei
  • Diane Adelfio
  • Judy Paull
  • Alicia Settles
  • Alyce Holmes
  • Angela Treasure
  • Kevin Jablonski
  • Kim Sherrod
  • Krissy Chastain
  • Laurie Lehnhoff
  • Lisa Alexander
  • Nancye Cole
  • Sharon Prudhomme
  • Priscilla Flake
  • Patricia Bennett
  • Ben Stutzman
  • Patrick Callahan
  • Casey Mayben
  • Ruby Triplett
  • Dell Oliver
  • Susan Giordano
  • Dava Baldridge
  • Tina Peterson
  • April Secor
  • Belinda Gibson
  • Don Hunt
  • Jana Bateman
  • Valerie McCormick
  • Jodi Simmons
  • Vicki Powers
  • Julie Smith


CEO Council – Chief Executive Officers of AHS facilities

Role: This group represents the frontline of implementation and needs to remain “in the know."

  • Bob Williams
  • Brad McCall
  • Kevin Gross
  • Keith Mason
  • David Chaussard
  • Kevin Hawk
  • Dee Renshaw
  • Jim Kaltenbacher
  • Lynn Mergen
  • Terry Woodbeck
  • Troy Greer
  • Derrick Jones
  • Farron Sneed
  • Sheri Milone
  • Dawn Tschabrun
  • John Cruickshank
  • Steve Anderson
  • Dan Ordyna
  • John Fromhold
  • Emily Holliman
  • Scott Campbell


PRO - Process Readiness Owners

Role: This group includes “super SMEs” who have responsibility for Epic’s implementation in their functional area.

View/download the list of Primary PROs.


SME - Subject Matter Experts

Role: This group provides input during the workflow and content review.

 View/download the list of local SMEs and PROs by market.


ARCR - Access and Revenue Cycle Readiness Owners

Role: This group coordinates pre-live risk mitigation planning. Upon go-live, this team will monitor and manage metrics to ensure each area is successful.

View/Download list of ARCR members


CORe - Clinical Operational Readiness Owners

Role: This group focuses on patient safety and ensures operational engagement across all clinical applications. CORe members are synonymous with PROs.


Epic Implementation Team Members

  • Megan Du, Implementation Executive
  • Erin Roling, Implementation Director
  • Bob Taylor, Revenue Cycle Lead
  • Jess Botros, Clinical Lead
  • Michael Klimmeck, Technical Coordinator
  • Nick Frenzer, BFF
  • Brian Edwards, BFF Sidekick


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