Epic in Tulsa: 45-day ARA starts today

Epic's activation readiness assessments (ARAs) are tools used to identify project risks and communicate concerns about each Division’s readiness prior to their respective go-lives. In case you missed our previous entry about these (formerly called GLRAs), some of the items that will undergo assessment include system build, application workflows, interface readiness, operational readiness and end-user adoption, to name a few. Hillcrest’s 45-day ARA will run today and tomorrow.

Results are color-coded:

Blue - item is ready

Green - item is not complete, but on-schedule

Yellow - item is incomplete and off-track, but a plan is in place to resolve

Red - item is incomplete, off-track and at-risk for not being ready at go-live.

In terms of purpose and expectations, ARAs are very transparent regarding activation readiness. This gives everyone involved the opportunity to identify and resolve outstanding issues, ask questions and address concerns. From there, the team identifies the work that remains and where the work will reside among the project teams, local owners and completion dates. Using the color-coded system, most areas usually fall into green or yellow status at this stage and Hillcrest is no exception. This is to be expected. The good news is, most of Hillcrest’s assessment currently falls into the green category, so the ARA is predicted to achieve favorable results.

Many people have been working round-the-clock to get to this point in Our Epic Story. If you know someone who is involved with today’s ARA, take a moment to thank them and wish them good luck.