Epic in Tulsa: Managing Expectations 2.0

If you missed our previous post about managing expectations, that’s okay. We’ve learned quite a bit since our first activation, so it’s time for a refresher.

We’re in the home stretch of Tulsa’s activation on March 2nd. To date, the process has been relatively smooth, but activation presents some challenges simply because it will be a major change for everyone. During the first 10 days:

  • It will feel like multiple activations. As different new users begin to use the system over the first few days, different sets of challenges await.
  • Days 1–3: Security, printing, break/fix and general workflow reinforcement will likely be the predominant issues.
  • Days 5–7: There may be increased user frustration if issues are not resolved in a timely manner or support is not sufficient.
  • Around days 7–10: As the excitement of go-live wears off, be prepared for general staff and project team fatigue. Issue complexities may increase.

For any major issue, an action plan will be developed to address and resolve it.

Superusers in the lime-green vests will provide you at-the-elbow (ATE) support. When issues arise, they are the first line of support and communication. Many times, they can resolve the issue on the spot. When they can’t, their role is to classify the issue and escalate it to the support team.

As we work together to make our Epic activation as smooth as possible, let’s keep in mind that all issues will not be resolved overnight. Stabilization takes time, and with Epic, there’s a learning curve. Some workflows may come easily to you—help others who may be struggling with them. When other workflows seem challenging, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your Superusers have been trained to assess and prioritize issues, so be supportive of their decisions and solutions.

And finally, be patient with everyone. Exercising patience throughout this process creates the clearest path to discover root causes and best solutions.

You can review the timeline of Tulsa’s activation here.