Epic in Tulsa: What You Can Do Right Now to Prepare

We're 32 days away from the Oklahoma Division's transition to Epic—but did you know there are steps you can take right now to get ready?

  • Get in the habit now of charting height, weight, allergies and home meds before Epic is live. These items MUST be entered in Epic before anything can be done.
  • Get in the habit now of scanning meds all the time. We must reach 90 percent compliance when we go live. Make sure the scanner will reach the bedside in every room. Scan ALL medications. Medications not being scanned now, for example Emergency Room Meds, will be scanned when we go live with Epic.
  • Registration, nursing and pharmacy are involved in the cutover. Basically, on March 1st all in patients who are not expected to discharge will have orders entered into Epic. Registration will register these patients, nursing will enter orders, and pharmacy will enter meds. There will be a second cutover later that afternoon/evening to enter all new admits. We will go to downtime process at midnight and go live on Epic at 3am March 2nd.
  • Make sure you can access every part of Epic you need if you work in dual roles. Example is an ER nurse who floats to ICU. They need both roles accessible in Epic. ER is ASAP and ICU is ClinDoc. Staff that work 6T, 5T, 4T, and 3T will all have the same access “Clindoc.”
  • Review your downtime procedure now and keep practicing. In Epic, there will be a BCA computer on every unit. A BCA computer allows you to see everything that took place with the patient prior to and during downtime, but you cannot document in the BCA. In addition, registration will have a web version of Epic to continue registering patients during downtime.
  • Please do NOT make any tip sheets for staff, the only legal tip sheets are the ones printed out of the Epic system. (Disregard for this can cause MAJOR problems on the backend.)
  • You should be spending 1–2 hours per week in the playground. It has been shown that those who are the most comfortable and least frustrated when we go-live are the ones who deliberately spend time learning the system in the playground. The instructions to access the Epic playground can be found here.
  • Superusers should be scheduled for training at this time.

Taking these steps ahead of schedule will go a long way toward ensuring the smoothest transition possible on March 2.