Epic Updated Release Coming Soon

The 2019 updated release will be live this October. Storyboard and SOGI (Sexual Orientation Gender Identity) are the two most significant changes, and we are excited for the ways they will enhance both end-user and patient experiences.

  • Storyboard: This new tool provides quicker access to key details and common actions without switching screens. Storyboard is a vertical bar that appears on the left side of a patient’s chart and presents users with a concise summary of the information they need before they work with a patient or an account. It also provides easy access to user-context-specific common actions, such as acknowledging orders or activating a patient’s MyChart account.
  • SOGI (Sexual Orientation Gender Identity): This new view will feature information about patients based on the way they prefer to identify in our Epic system. You may currently notice patient-preferred names and gender identity are available for selection now. With the updated release this October, SOGI will be represented even more across the platform. This opt-in self-identification feature is critical for our patients to feel safe, respected and receive the type of care that is best for them.

Required end-user training will begin on August 26 in NetLearning. End-users should test their NetLearning login credentials now to ensure they work at the time training opens.