Epic Updated Release Coming Soon

This year, there are two updates for our Epic platform planned for August 2 and November 7. The first update will bring new improvements, such as:

  • Ambulatory: Improved workflows for reassigning work of a departing provider
  • Cupid: One click to place preferred orders for specific procedures
  • MyChart: Redesigned homepage and new features
  • ASAP: ED Trackboard available on Haiku
  • ClinDoc: New look and features for the MAR flowsheet window
  • Cadence: Revamped Snapboard for easier scheduling workflows

Both updates are anticipated to have minimal impact; however, training is required for all end users. Please review the training timeline below for the August 2 updated release. Details regarding the November 7 update will be shared later.

  • July 13 – August 1: End-user training (all users)
  • July 13: New Playground available
  • July 24-27: Epic new-hire training environment unavailable
  • August 2: Updated release is live

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