Epic Updated Release Coming Soon

This year, there are two updates for our Epic platform planned for August 2 and November 7. The first update will bring new improvements, such as:

  • Ambulatory: Improved workflows for reassigning work of a departing provider
  • Cupid: One click to place preferred orders for specific procedures
  • MyChart: Redesigned homepage and new features
  • ASAP: ED Trackboard available on Haiku
  • ClinDoc: New look and features for the MAR flowsheet window
  • Cadence: Revamped Snapboard for easier scheduling workflows

Both updates are anticipated to have minimal impact; however, training is required for all end users. Please review the training timeline below for the August 2 updated release. Details regarding the November 7 update will be shared later.

  • July 13 – August 1: End-user training (all users)
  • July 13: New Playground available
  • July 24-27: Epic new-hire training environment unavailable
  • August 2: Updated release is live

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Epic Tips & Facts

Entering Orders

Searching for an order? Select an order and click Select & Stay to place it in the Selected Orders pane on the right. Then search for your next order right from the same window. Click Accept when finished placing all your orders.