Jenny Vickers, BSN, RN - BSA


Jenny Vickers, BSN, RN

RN Support Coordinator

BSA Health System


Prior to joining BSA, Jenny had the opportunity to work in a hospital that utilized Epic. Here’s her story:

Epic made my life as a nurse much easier!  The physicians were expected to input their own orders; there are Best Practice Alerts and a task manager to remind me of things that are due (reassessment of pain, items not completed during the admission, core measure discrepancies, etc). Epic made my workday more efficient.

Epic allows the continuity of care to be efficient as the patient transitioned from one unit to the next within the hospital. The patient’s entire medical record was conveniently located in one EMR.

My Favorite Feature:

My favorite feature of Epic is the ability to create smart phrases! Smart phrases are created as documentation short cuts. Time can be saved by creating this “short cut” for items that are documented numerous times a day. For example, if I use the same format every time I document the initiation of an IV, I can create a smart phrase that will paste my documentation within the progress note. Epic!

Participate and Trust in the Process:

The most difficult aspects of transitioning to Epic were the length of time between training and go-live and a workflow/process change. I received Epic training about five months before go-live so I knew I would forget most of what I learned unless I got to practice.  A “playground” environment was created for staff to practice what they learned during the months leading up to go-live.  This proved to be very beneficial as I learn by doing! We also had two mock go-live sessions prior to the actual go-live day to ensure computers were mapped to the correct printers and orders were going through to lab, radiology and pharmacy. The mock go-live sessions illustrated the intended workflow and helped me understand exactly what would be changing regarding workflow.