Jordan Riggs, NICU Nurse, BSA

Jordan learned Epic in nursing school. Here’s her Epic story:

The very first time someone walked us through Epic, it was a little fast but it was still something you could keep up with. It’s really straightforward; there are a lot of tabs, but you grasp it fairly easily.

Epic is more streamlined and helps the nurse. For example, if I was giving a blood pressure medicine, a pop-up window would ask what the patient’s blood pressure is; or if the electrolyte levels must be checked prior to administering a particular medication, those lab values will pop up.

I have worked in four or five charting systems in my career and Epic is much more straightforward. I love that you have labs, medication assessments, MRIs, etc., and all the results in one tab without having to switch between five different systems. When I have to write a lot of items and form care plans, Epic is easier to navigate than logging in and out of various systems to obtain each piece of information. I’m really excited to have Epic again!

My Favorite Feature
Having one system to log into. With one login, Epic takes care of everything else, and it goes really quickly.

Participate and Trust in the Process
No matter what training you go through, including the classroom portion, you’ll start using it and have a lot of questions. Most of the learning takes place working with it hands-on and having others who have been through it to help you.

This will be a good move for BSA!