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Why Epic?

Beginning in 2017, Ardent Health Services will unite all of its hospitals and clinics on the Epic electronic health record. Moving to a single information-sharing platform will help us deliver more consistent, higher quality care at every touch point while streamlining workflow for caregivers.

Epic isn’t just another electronic health record, however. It’s the industry’s most highly regarded platform – and the choice of many of the nation’s leading health systems – for one reason: it works. Intuitive and easy to use, Epic is built on processes proven to elevate quality of care, increase efficiency and, most importantly, allow caregivers to spend more time at the bedside. Hospitals around the country have reported dramatic gains in both clinical and financial measures following implementation.

Ardent chose Epic after one of the most thorough evaluation periods in the software company’s history. Nearly 500 team members, including physicians, bedside nurses, registration and discharge staff representing each part of the care continuum and all specialties participated in the demonstrations and assessment.


Why is Epic superior?

  • KLAS Enterprises ranked Epic the #1 overall software suite for the sixth straight year in a row in 2016 based on results of thousands of customer surveys. Epic’s products also lead the industry in more Top 20: Best in KLAS categories than any other vendor.
  • The majority of the country’s top-ranked hospitals and medical schools – including Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Duke, Cleveland Clinic and Mass General – choose Epic.
  • All Epic applications are built from the ground up on a single platform – unlike other EHR systems that were acquired and rewritten – resulting in more consistent and efficient performance across the organization. 
  • Hospitals and health systems using Epic report significant gains in clinical outcomes, productivity and financial performance following implementation.
  • An estimated 64% of medical students and residents are educated on Epic.


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