Logging into NetLearning

There are different login instructions depending on your division/facility.
Please review these instructions carefully. Call your Helpdesk with any issues.


All NEW users will be prompted to change their password upon their first login.


  • STEP 1: Select Login Type = Employee ID
  • STEP 2: Login ID: is your Employee ID
  • Initial Password: is the year you were born and the first 2 initials of your first name and the first 2 of your last name. (Example: Charlie Brown, born in 1972, would = 1972chbr.)

Hillcrest, Lovelace, & Corporate

  • STEP 1: Select Login Type = BadgeID
  • STEP 2: BadgeID: is your Epic User ID (or network login credential) (Example: jdoe, jdoe02)
  • Initial Password: Welcome1!

St. Francis, Pascack Valley, Mountainside, Seton Harker Heights, Portneuf, *Portneuf (Ambulatory Group)

  • STEP 1: Select Login Type = Email Address
  • STEP 2: Login ID: your Ardent-given email address
  • Initial Password: Welcome1!


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