Oklahoma Heart Institute: "The exact information you need, right there."

“I love that when you chart blood pressure meds, it gives you the exact information you need, right there. I appreciate that when we chart, the rest of the facilities can see it. Once we get the hang of it, it will be great. There’s always a learning curve, but patients come first. Thank goodness we’ve had plenty of staff on hand to make sure our patients are taken care of during this process. Because there are so many of us, it gives us the chance to learn the system as a team.” –Holly Karl, RN, 2 Heart


“Overall, I think the “Go-Live” has gone quite smoothly. Of course, there are a few glitches that will need to be fixed, but thanks to our team that has worked tirelessly for the past few weeks, we’ve had a good day. I’m very proud of the way our whole team has worked together to help each other through what could have been way more challenging and difficult. In fact, many have expressed how excited they are about what this new system will allow us to do.” –Nat Torkelson, Administrative Director, Cardiovascular Services


“When I first found out we were transitioning to Epic, I was so excited! I’ve used it before and knew it was more user-friendly than our current system.” –Sara Kent, Resource Team, OHI Hospital