Patient Care: Top Five Things to Remember at Activation

There’s a lot of buzz about the Tulsa Activation on March 2nd, and during that time we still have patients who must remain our priority. Here are five key items to remember:

  • Take care of the patient first. During urgent situations, treat the patient and don’t focus on getting everything into Epic right away.
  • Epic doesn’t replace clinical judgment or common sense. You are providing care in the same way you have done before; you are just using different tools and workflows.
  • Epic doesn’t replace face-to-face or other forms of communication. In many instances, face-to-face communication is still needed to provide the best care possible. Create a work triangle between you, your patient, and your workstation.
  • Help is always available; always report your issues. For training or process questions ask a Superuser. For issues that can’t be readily resolved, call the Command Center. Calls will be triaged by members of the Epic Project Team.
  • Work with your leadership to help identify those who need extra support (even if it’s you!). Leaders will use patient-safety monitoring reports generated in Epic to quickly identify documentation lags and those who may be struggling with the learning curve. Admitting you need extra support ultimately benefits our patients—let’s take advantage of the additional help we have on-hand during activation.

We are all in this together, and the end goal is to provide even better patient care. Epic is the tool we’ve selected to help us attain that goal, but our values and priorities are always with our team members and patients.