Regina Schultz, R.N., Medical Oncology Harrington Cancer Center

Regina transitioned to the Epic system with Cedars-Sinai in Beverly Hills, California. Here is her Epic story:

I used Epic for about a year in 2016. My role was a bit different than a regular chemo nurse; I started all the IVs for the scans and did a lot of port draws. I didn’t use all the features as often as other nurses but I did put in a lot of lab orders, check doctors’ orders and did charting on the flow sheets. I did navigate through the patient’s chart.

The training was not intimidating as most of it was very basic. It’s going to be different at go-live, when you’re using it in real-time. Our transition went very smoothly; they gave us a lot of opportunity to work in it before we had to use it in the facility, so we had good training, support, and backup with our super-users, even after go-live.

My Favorite Feature
The accuracy of scanning the medication and scanning the patient band versus the time it takes to type in everything ultimately benefits the patient. Even the double-check system works more efficiently with Epic.

There may be several places you can find the same information. You just have to know where to look for that allergy or drug interaction. That takes some time to learn. Don’t be afraid to poke around and experiment with it. Epic makes things much better and quicker. Even though some fine-tuning still took place after our go-live, the transition was smooth. We were all happy with the amount of information we could find and the amount the detail provided.

Participate and Trust in the Process
It’s going to be great when we transition to Epic, especially because we will all be able to access the same information. It’s going to be exciting to have everybody on the same system, looking at the same orders, with no handwritten errors. It’s going to be wonderful!