Sarah Stiles, Unit Coordinator, BSA

Sarah transitioned to Epic, here’s her story:

I worked at another hospital where I learned paper charting and about a month later we went to Epic. I used Epic for about four years. Epic was easy to learn. It’s set up is similarly to an Excel spreadsheet, so I caught on quickly.

The nurses could get their information a lot faster than waiting for me to input all of their patients’ vitals or other information for which I was responsible. They could see everything right there, in real-time.

My Favorite Feature
Epic is so fast, you can see everything that’s trending, as it’s trending. Instead of gathering papers, charts and notes to assess, you can see pain levels, etc., right there. You can see the patient’s entire history—doctor’s office visits, previous hospital stays—not just the current visit. The system also alerts you of anything higher or lower than normal, immediately. Patient diagnosis can happen much sooner as a result.

Participate and Trust in the Process
Epic is bringing together all the systems we’re currently using into one streamlined, user-friendly place. The technology is much cleaner. I’m super-excited to get Epic back!