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Resources are linked below. If you have any questions, please reach out to Allory Hanko ( & Marcos Harris (
Before Training

  • To review a list of courses you are slated to support as an SUL, click here.
  • For an overview of the SUL role, commitments, and expectations, click here.
  • Table Reads are scheduled for May 24 - June 25, 2021. Invites (one per course) will be sent out by Epic trainers. The table reads will be attended by the Epic trainer, the SULs slated to support that course, and the Ardent Principal Trainer (PT) for that course (a list of Ardent PTs and their emails is included below).
    • Click here for the Guide to Table Reads.
    • Click here for the Table Read schedule, including Zoom links to each session.

During Training

  • Trainees will need to log in to at the start of class to launch the Zoom on their workstation (if not in a classroom style setting), access their class materials, and launch the training environments.
  • If there are issues launching the Zoom sessions, anyone can call Epic at 608-271-9000 for assistance.
  • The “Join Now” button within EpicU is the source of truth for Zoom links and Zoom passwords in the event of any changes.
  • If a Zoom link changes shortly before a class begins, the room proctor (if not an SUL) can retrieve the Zoom session number from a trainee who has joined using the Join Now link from EpicU.
    • The session number is available from the Zoom session itself when you click the green shield in the upper left, and the password is available in EpicU under “Join Now” link.

Principal Trainers by Application
Clin Doc
Karrie Englebretson, Natalie Crawford, Nicole Moore;;
Shawn Stotts
Jennifer Zenker
Provider (Orders)
Willena Hughes, Lacie Randall;
Lisa Crawford
Tishgoshua Hermann, Sheryl Sowell;
Bridget Knowlton, Jason Trujillo;
Kimberly Stewart, Tamara McCurdy;
Jacquelin Mcdougal
Grand Central
Tanya Waldo
Jennifer Zenker
Lucas Solum
Allison Reynolds
Michael Lee
Isaac Flores
Jonathan Mcgill
David Sesler, Stephanie West;
Jonathan McGill;
Jason Trujillo

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