Timmeni Stevens, D.O., Obstetrics and Gynecology Hillcrest

Prior to joining Hillcrest, Dr. Stevens participated in not one, but two go-lives for Epic! Here’s her story:

When I was in my residency, I experienced two go-lives: first at a hospital and then in a clinic. At the time, we were the first hospital in the Tulsa area to go live with Epic, so the learning curve was a little steeper. Once we went live in the clinic, it was a smoother transition. At that point, the biggest challenge was continuing to log into an old system until everything was transferred over [to Epic]. So that was a little cumbersome at first but about a month later, all patient information had been migrated over.

My Favorite Feature
The best features of Epic are the customizations—I love that you can customize your templates according to your specialty. It makes it very user-friendly. And being able to share the good templates with your colleagues minimizes the time on the physician’s side.

I love how Epic auto-populates—so much information is pulled into the chart! It makes your documentation much more thorough; when you are handwriting a chart, you wouldn’t put nearly the amount of information that auto-populates with Epic. That’s really beneficial for patient care.

Participate and Trust in the Process
Any time you’re more thorough in your charting . . . the next provider has all that information. Epic does free you up for patient care, because the auto-populating saves time and provides more thorough information. And anytime you have more information, the patient ultimately benefits.

Once you learn Epic, there’s really no comparison. It’s a really great system.