Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital: "It’s networked with all other Hillcrest facilities.”

Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital gives Epic a thumbs-up!


Sara McCaslin, RN, Pain Management:

“Epic is very user-friendly. I can see everything that I need about a patient on one screen. I also appreciate that it’s networked with all other Hillcrest facilities.”


Tracy Brown, RN, Pain Management:

“It retains patient history more effectively and efficiently than our previous system.”

Becky Savastano, RN, Inpatient:

“I’ve used Epic before so I’ve been looking forward to going live with it here ever since I heard we were getting it. Medication scanning is so much easier and the whole system is much easier to navigate.”


TSSH Inpatient group photo, left to right: Renee Waddell; Maveric Tucker, CNA; Dr. Wes Maples; Jessica Miller, RN; Marty Sontag, RN; Michelle Martens; Becky Savastano, RN; and CSI Support.